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Size adjustable gathered skirt. A teary- eyed selfie taken in 2018 digitally printed onto fabric and sewn with other second-hand sourced fabrics. Bottom of the skirt is gathered with bikini straps and a mini pocket is sewn to the front for your phone or notepad. Handmade with love by Diaspora <3


'Made with Shaky Hands' collection Diaspora dedicates to the icky symptoms of anxiety. As the hand-made pieces were literally designed through teary hours, they offered not only a tool for distraction, but also a sense of hope. Each piece was manifested from a pile of second-hand scraps and off-cut fabrics, washable fabric paints cover some areas of the garments whilst others have been turmeric dyed. This collection was first started in 2020s lockdown and revisited in 2021s lockdown. Diaspora dedicated each piece to something they're grateful for, as they found gratitude lists were a small thing they could count on to feel better. Wear with courage.

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