lettering and original video by Rahnee Bliss

website made by kitsoo


L.IAXS serves as a platform for them to truly express themselves,               exploring things deemed as  

                         ‘not the norm’ or ‘inappropriate’.

   Creation is a form of therapy and release for L.IAXS,

                      used as the cure to heartbreak, depression

 and contradictory views and expectations from their family.                               ’Fuck a formula to making things,

   the garments are formed through emotion…

these pieces are enmeshed with life experiences’

Phoebe Cutler green.png
Clan green.png
Barragan green.png
Ebonny Munro green.png
Helenamanzano green.png
justine green.png
Ramptramptrampstamp green.png
Speed green.png
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